Mow mow

Hello, today I am talking about a cat .His name is Shadow!  He is the most wonderful cat in the World!  He is not our cat, he is our neighbor’s cat.  He always comes to our house!  The things I like about Shadow are: he ALWAYS cuddles and he always goes crazy … we call crack kitty because he spikes his ears back like Bateman and runs around the house super fast until he exhausts himself.  Shadow only does this in the morning, and sometimes in the afternoon, too.

Shadow adopted us – I think.  We (we as me, my mom, and my brother) were having dessert outside and a cat came next to us.  We saw his collar and it said “Shadow”.  Pretty clever because he’s gray!  Since then, Shadow has visited us every day and now he welcomes himself into our home all the time.  In fact, his owners now call us if ever they want to know where Shadow is 🙂


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